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Survey from NPAA regarding prescriptive priviledges for CRNP's

Posted over 8 years ago by Beverly Johnson

Today you received a survey monkey from NPAA regarding prescriptive priviledges for CRNP's.  As President I am imploring you to response and let your voice be heard regarding this IMPORTANT ISSUE to all of us.  I feel it imperative to give you what I remember of how we got here.  Before we recieved prescriptive priviledges in Alabama we were under the Board of Nursing and were not required to have a collaborative agreement with any particular physician.  Which meant you could change jobs without all the paperwork we have to do now.  When we asked for prescritpive priviledges we agree to be under the joint committee of the Board of Nursing and the Board of Medical Examiners.  They also required us to be in a collaborative agreement with the 10% time to be with our physician and would not agree to any Scheduled Drug prescribing.  We agreed to it at the time because we really felt like we needed to be able to provide that service to our patients.  Since then we have learned that we settled for one of the most restrictive practice acts in the country and remain one of two states without Scheduled Drug prescriptive authority. I feel very strongly that if we agree to what the Board of Medical Examiners has offered we are asking to stay in the same situation and regretting it later.  I think that if we work with AANP we can eventually get a more Nurse Practitioner friendly outcome.  The Board of Medical Examiners is asking for a 200-300 fee to supervise us and then we have to pay the DEA 500 for a five year license.  I don't know about you but that is a lot of money to pay for the priviledge.  I also understand how having this priviledge is important to a lot of Nurse Practitioners, but I am asking you to really think about all the longterm ramifications of this decision before you respond to the survey.. Thank you for your attention to this URGENT MATTER!!!!!!!
Beverly Johnson, CRNP
President NANPA