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SB 114 - Contact your representative. See important information attached.

Posted 7 months ago by Janiece Smith

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SB114: NP/MD Ratio Bill Passed House Health Committee.

Senate Bill 114 has passed the full Alabama House Health Committee. SB 114 will relax the MD:NP ratio allowing for an MD to collaborate with 9 NPs, CNMs, and PAs. This legislation will increasing access to care and health care resources for the residents of Alabama. 

Next step: The bill will be before the House of Representative. What can you do the push this measure forward?

  1. Call or email your House of Representative. See hyperlink #B below.
  2. Pass this message along to your fellow NPs, friends and family member. The greater the word, the greater the impact.
  3. If you know an NP who is not a member of NANPA or NPAA encourage them to join. The numbers do matter.

Supporting Documentation for your information:

Senate Bill 114

 House of Representative Districts:

 Talking Points (attached)

 Sample letter (attached)

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