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Message from Dr. Cindy Cooke, President AANP

Posted over 4 years ago by Janiece Smith

Hello to all,
AANP sent a message to the AANP group members earlier this week asking for your support. See the message below. I have not seen anything on our web sites for the wonderful groups in Alabama and I know how emails can get lost. Even if your group is not an AANP group member I encourage you to get the word out! Organized medicine has put out a lot of messaging that is egregiously wrong and have come out in droves to comment on the Federal Register. We need NP voices now!

I would encourage every group to put something on your web sites and encourage every NP to go to the AANP web site and go to the Advocacy Center to comment on the proposed VA rule change to utilize APRNs in the VA to practice to the full extent of our education and clinical training. If you are caring for veterans, get them to post as well. You do not need to be an AANP member to use the AANP Advocacy Center. What happens here will impact states seeking full practice authority. We have a journey ahead in Alabama but this could impact our journey ahead as well. Let me know if you have questions. :)

Thanks so much!!

Dear AANP Organization Member:

As a valued organization member of AANP, we wanted to reach out to you with a very important message. Yesterday AANP sent an email to all our members asking for their participation in contacting the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to support the proposed rule for NPs and other APRNs in the Federal Register [RIN: 2900-AP44 - Proposed Rule - Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (81 Fed. Reg. 33155, May 25, 2016)]. This proposal would authorize NPs and other APRNs to practice in VA facilities to the top of their education and preparation without physician supervision in all areas of practice with the exception of prescribing controlled drugs, which remains under the authority of the federal Controlled Substances Act.

The VA proposal is facing strong opposition from organized medicine that is similar to what we've seen in states where pro-patient/pro-NP legislation has been proposed. The best way to support our veterans' access to care and move this proposal forward is through individual engagement. The voice of the nurse practitioner and other advanced practice registered nurses MUST be heard loud and clear. That being said, we are providing this letterfor your organization to use on your letterhead when submitting comment to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Please forward to AANP a copy of the letter you send from your organization. We are most grateful for your participation and would like to be aware of your outreach to the VA. Additionally, we request that you ask your members to use this link to AANP's Advocacy Center to submit comment to the VA- feel free to place this link on your website and/or share in emails and newsletters.

Your assistance in sharing this with your members and asking for their support in contacting the VA will be greatly appreciated. Please make your voice count - submit your support comment today. If you have any questions, please contact the Federal Government Affairs Office at