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Kelsey S.

Kelsey S.
FNP Student

Virginia Beach, VA



About the preceptor Kelsey is looking for:

Located near Virginia Beach, VA.

I am seeking a Primary Care (Family Practice) and a pediatric primary care provider. Course descriptions below:

Course Descriptions:

N8400 & N8410 Management of Adult & Geriatric Primary Care 1 & 2 –
90 clinical hours each Overview - the focus of the courses is primary care management of chronic illness, including acute exacerbation. Setting - an outpatient family medicine or internal medicine clinic are the required sites for FNP students. ER, urgent care, convenient care, or walk-in clinics are not acceptable sites for these courses.

Preceptors - For FNP students, we prefer that you work with a family nurse practitioner but will allow you to work with an MD, DO, ANP, or GNP for only one of the courses (N8400 OR N8410). For CNS students, you should look for an AGCNS preceptor that meets your educational content needs.

Telehealth acceptable - Limited telehealth considered.

N8420 Newborn through Adolescence Primary Care – 90 clinical hours
Overview - The focus of the Newborn through Adolescence course is pediatric primary care. Hours will
be spent in clinical with a pediatric health care provider where advanced assessment and diagnostic skills
are applied to evaluate and manage the family and child for well, acute minor illness or stable chronic
illness visits.
Setting - A pediatric primary care practice is the required setting for at least 50 hours of clinical to gain
experience of foundational growth and development, red flags, care of the well child, milestones as well
as anticipatory guidance. Students may choose a pediatric outpatient specialty clinic of interest for up to
40 hours of clinical.
Preceptor - PNP or Pediatrician on in primary care preferred, FNP or Family Practice Physician
acceptable if there is a sufficient number of pediatric patients.
Telehealth acceptable – Yes.