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Naureen Q.

Naureen Q.
Family Nurse practitioner student

Las Vegas


Family, Pediatric, Women's Health, Adult

About the preceptor Naureen is looking for:

Located near Las Vegas.

I am a Family nurse practitioner student and I am looking for the Family nurse practitioner preceptor who must have a master’s degree in nursing at the minimum, be nationally board-certified as a nurse practitioner and holds an active, unencumbered advanced practice license.The preceptor must also have at least one year of practice as a nurse practitioner.
Other types of health professionals may also serve as a preceptor for FNP students: (e.g., Medical Doctor
[MD] or Doctor of Osteopathy [DO]). MDs and DOs must have an active medical license.
I have to do my clinical rotations in the following settings
Family practice is PREFERRED
Internal Medicine
Pediatric Primary Care
(maximum one session)