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Field Adv Practice Provider

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Position Description

Triage Advanced Practice Provider

Aspire Health Overview

Aspire Health is the nation’s largest community-based palliative care provider. Aspire specializes in providing an extra layer of support to patients facing a serious illness through an ambitious palliative care program focused on caring for patients in their homes and outpatient clinics. Aspire’s clinicians are experts in providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness; helping patients and caregivers navigate the healthcare system; guiding patients and caregivers through difficult and complex treatment choices; and providing emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

Triage APP will assist the multidisciplinary field teams in remotely managing the symptoms and other acute needs of patients so that avoidable hospitalizations are averted while assisting patients and families in achieving their goals of care.


In this role, you will be assisting the multidisciplinary teams that are providing Aspire services in home settings. You will be responsible for clinical escalations across the Care Center Nursing team with focus on routine, urgent and emergent patient calls and will communicate to and coordinate with field leadership as necessary. As well, you willcollaborate with Lead Physicians, patients’ other physicians and providers, and their family members to assist in the development and implementation of clinical plans of care for adult patients facing chronic and complex conditions (e.g., comorbid medical and mental health diagnoses, limited personal resources, chronic medical conditions). You will gather history and physical exam and diagnostics as needed, and then develop and implement treatment plans given the patient’s goals of care and current conditions.

Each day, you will be in contact with other Aspire clinical team members, patients, physicians, and medical providers to coordinate optimal care and resources for the patient and his or her family – in a timely manner, consistent with state regulations as well as Aspire Health standards and policy. You will support in the growth of critical thinking of RN’s through ongoing education and development. You will also connect with Lead Physicians, engaging in quality evidence-based practice and continuing education. You will be supported along the way by our Patient Care Center, which provides another layer of interaction with the patients, patient families, provides, our clinical, and non-clinical administrative support.

In collaboration with clinical and operational leadership, you will identify and implement process improvement initiatives as well as track and report on progress.You will maintain patient medical records and medical documentation consistent with state regulations and Aspire Health standards through our EMR system. Participate in continuing education as required by the state Board of Nursing. Prescribe medication aas permitted by the state Board of Nursing and achieve licensure in relevant states to support clinical decision making. Other related duties as deemed necessary.

Experience Requirements

  • Importantly, our NPs have a distinct enthusiasm and compassion for our patients and their families and understand how our palliative care delivery model can meet the needs of so many individuals.
  • Family or Adult Nurse Practitioner with appropriate certification and licensure is required.
  • Previous experience in homebased services, complex cases and/or palliative care is preferred.
  • Some bedside hospital, oncology, ER or ICU experience a plus.
  • Possession of DEA registration or eligibility required.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to ensure that each of your interactions with patients, family caregivers, clinicians, and team members is effective and meaningful.

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Employers use ENP Network daily to search for the perfect candidate. Get listed so they can discover you.

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